Denali Rods Kovert Series Rods

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  • Denali Rods Kovert
  • Models (13): 3 Spinning & 10 Casting
  • Semi Micro Guide
  • Very Lightweight

Denali has taken the minimalist concept to a new level with the new Kovert series. Comprised of eight rods, the Kovert series eliminates fatigue felt after a day of hard bass fishing. Displaying the latest concepts including microguides, Skeleton Reel Seats and lightweight EVA handles with Denali's tradition of quality and performance, the Kovert series is designed from the fround up to help you catch more fish ans stay on the water longer. The Kovert series also features a redesign of Denali's trademark stabilized hardwood foregrip and the addition of dimpled aluminum winding checks all specifically integrated to provide that extra "edge" while on the water. We carry all thirteen models of the Denali Kovert Series Rods - 3 Spinning and 10 Casting.

Denali Rods Kovert Features

  • IM8 Blanks
  • Semi-micro guides
  • Lightweight Skeleton Reel Seat
  • Custom EVA Handles for maximum comfort
  • Stabilized hardwood foregrip

Kovert Rod Models

K822MS - 6'10" Spinning

Rated for 1/8-1/2oz lures and line from 6-12lbs suggests this rod will be an excellent finesse spinning rod including shaky heads, drop shot and other light line bass fishing techniques.

K863MS - 7'2" Spinning

The heavier of the three spinning rods in the Kovert Series, this rod proves to be a very versatile spinning rod for just about any technique where a spinning rod is applicable. Rated for 1/4-3/4oz lures and line 10-15lb - we would suggest wacky senkos, heavier shaky heads or even reaction baits such as shad raps or jerkbaits.

K902MS - 7'6" Spinning

A little longer spinning rod designed for making longer casts with finesse applications such as the drop shot rig.

K822CB - 6'10" Crankbait

This casting rod lends itself to making precise casts with shallow, square bill crankbaits. While it does display a very versatile 1/4-5/8oz lure rating, we think it would be best suited for the aforementioned shallow crankbaits. Jerkbaits and topwater would also be a good choice. Anglers who prefer a moderate flex for chatterbaits will also like this rod quite a bit.

K813SB - 6'9" Spinnerbait

Your ideal spinnerbait rod at 6'9" this rod is perfect for laying the spinnerbait in just the right spot when making casts at targets. Fishing around boat docks or timber will prove much easier with a slightly shorter rod and since most anglers care more about casting accuracy than distance, fish strike closer to the boat and therefore don't need a long rod to pickup slack. Could also be a decent swim jig, chatterbait or hollow belly swimbait rod.

K813WJ - 6'9" Worm/Jig

At 6'9" the 813WJ affords anglers more control over their casts especially when skipping jigs or plastics around trees or docks. Rated for lures between 3/8oz and 1oz, you'll find this rod to be ideal for a number of jig and worm fishing applications. Very nice Texas rig plastics rod as well.

K814WJ - 6'9" Worm/Jig

One power rating up from the 813WJ, the K814WJ is an excellent rod for your heavier jigs and plastics, but still provides precision casting control for fishing around cover. While rods 7'6" and longer are all the rage, they are better suited for open water fishing - the 6'9" length of this rod allows you to fish in tighter spaces with more accurate casting ability.

K862FJ - 7'2" Finesse Jig

When fishing smaller jigs, anglers need a rod that is sensitive enough to feel every little pebble as it is crawled along the bottom. This rod provides the soft tip needed to make casts with really light jigs, but still possesses the backbone to drive a jig hook through the roof of bass's mouth.

K863CB - 7'2" Crankbait

Basically, your do it all crankbait rod suitable for just about any reaction bait. Excellent rod for lipless crankbaits as it has the strength to rip the lure free from grass, yet enough of a bend to keep fish hooked up on the trebles.

K863WJ - 7'2" Worm/Jig

This rod is the lighter of two Worm/Jig rods in the Kovert series. This is a better open water jig rod, but still possesses the strength to pull fish from light cover. Both of the Worm/Jig rods are excellent, but if came to choosing specific uses we find this model better for your football and casting jigs when fishing a more open area. Also a great choice for Texas rigs and weightless Senkos.

K864WJ - 7'2" Worm/Jig

The other Worm/Jig rod in lineup, this model is great for pitching and casting jigs in those spots most anglers don't dare present a bait. You're gonna be able to pull fish out of brush and grass with this rod. Really strong and rated for jigs and worms up to about 1 1/4oz. Good for the Carolina Rig and pitching plastics as well.

K884CR - 7'4" Carolina Rig

This rod provides sufficient length for working a carolina rig properly. It offers enough length to pickup slack on extra long casts common when carolina rig fishing. Sensitive tip section with a strong backbone, gets the job done.

K903CB - 7'6" Crankbait

A 7'6" crankbait rod is made for one reason - to launch those billed divers as far as possible. This is great rod for your DD22's, Strike King 5 and 6XD - will cast crankbaits a country mile. If it's accuracy you're after we'd suggest the 822 - if you're fishing deeper ledges or offshore structure this is the rod for you.

K925FX - 7'8" Flippin Stick

Rated for lures 5/16-1.5oz, this is your "do-it-all" flipping stick capable of fishing light cover to even matted vegetation. We really love the length of this rod - 7'8" is a rare rod length and suits just about angler. You'll notice you have more control over 8' models - if you flip, punch and pitch all down the same stretch of bank you're going to understand what we mean.

K955FX - 7'11" Flippin Stick

Big brother to the K925FX, this rod is rated for lures 1/2-2oz. If you need just a bit more than the 925FX has to offer, then this heavy duty rod for you.

KT863WJ - 7'2" Travel Rod - Casting

Three piece travel rod with custom Denali carrying case.

KT863MS - 7'2" Travel Rod - Spinning

Three piece travel rod with custom Denali carrying case.

Model Name Style Length Action Flex Guides Line Wt Lure Wt Handle
Spinning Models
K822MS Multi Spinning Spin 6' 10" Med Mod 12 + 1 6 - 12 1/8 - 1/2 9"
K863MS Multi Spinning Spin 7' 2" Med Hvy Mod-Fast 13 + 1 10 - 15 1/4 - 3/4 9.5"
K902MS Multipurpose Spin 7' 6" Med Mod 13 + 1 8 - 14 1/8 - 5/8 10"
Casting Models
K813SB Spinnerbait Cast 6' 9" Med Hvy Mod-Fast 12 + 1 10 - 20 5/16 - 1 9"
K813WJ Worm & Jig Cast 6' 9" Med Hvy Fast 12 + 1 12 - 17 3/8 - 1 9"
K822CB Crankbait Cast 6' 10" Med Mod 12 + 1 8 - 14 1/4 - 5/8 9"
K863CB Crankbait Cast 7' 2" Med Hvy Mod 13 + 1 12 - 17 3/8 - 1 10.5"
K862FJ Finesse Jig Cast 7' 2" Med Fast 13 + 1 8 - 14 1/4 - 5/8 10.5"
K863WJ Worm & Jig Cast 7' 2" Med Hvy Fast 13 + 1 12 - 17 3/8 - 1 10.5"
K864WJ Worm & Jig Cast 7' 2" Hvy Fast 13 + 1 15 - 25 1/2 - 1 10.5"
K884CR Carolina Rig Rod Cast 7' 4" Hvy Fast 14 + 1 15 - 25 1/2 - 1 11"
K903CB Crankbait Cast 7' 6" Med Hvy Mod 14 + 1 10 - 20 3/8 - 1 10.5"
K925FX Flippin Cast 7' 8" Xtra Hvy Fast 15 + 1 15 - 30 5/16 - 1.5 10.5"
K955FX Flippin Cast 7' 11" Xtra Hvy Xtra Fast 15 + 1 15 - 30 1/2 - 2 10.5"
Travel Models
KT863WJ Worm & Jig Cast 7' 2" Med Hvy Mod 12 - 17 3/8 - 1
KT863MS Worm & Jig Spinning 7' 2" Med Hvy Mod 12 - 17 3/8 - 1

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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    new denali kovert winn grip rod

    Posted by jeff smith on Nov 19th 2018

    still the same great denali kovert rod but now they have winn grips on the handles

  • 5
    denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on Oct 2nd 2018

    very light and sensitive

  • 5
    Denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on Sep 23rd 2018

    These are awesome rods that won’t break the bank. Very sensitive and light.

  • 5
    denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on Mar 11th 2018

    great rods, very sensitive and light weight and at a great price

  • 5
    denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on Sep 1st 2017

    great rods at a great price, very light and sensitive

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    Denali kovert series

    Posted by jeff smith on Aug 26th 2017

    These are great rods at a great price. They are very light and sensitive

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    kovert lt series

    Posted by jeff smith on Jun 7th 2017

    these are great rods and a great price, very light weight and sensitive

  • 5
    denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on May 8th 2017


  • 5
    denali kovert

    Posted by jeff smith on Mar 8th 2017

    I have used a lot of different brands of rods and I like these better than any of them. they are very light and very sensitive