G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Rods

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  • G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Rods
  • Models (8): All 2-piece spinning rods

The new IMX Steelhead Side Drift Rods, or "STSDR" for short, is a series of freshwater steelhead fishing rods designed for the side drifting technique used in rivers and streams. G. Loomis engineered these rods using the latest in fishing rod technology resulting in a finished product that was lighter, more sensitive and stronger than their IMX predecessors. Comprised of eight two piece spinning models, G. Loomis latest IMX Steelhead Side Drift Rods offer the ideal actions and lengths desired by anglers for the technique. Side-drifting is a very effective method for fishing bait, normally cured salmon or steelhead eggs or an artificial version of same, for steelhead or the smaller salmon species. The technique is simple enough... just position the boat at the top of a good looking run, allow it to drift slowly downstream while the anglers cast to likely looking holding water and let their baits drift enticingly along-side the boat. It creates a very natural drift that can be extended as long as the holding water allows. When the fish takes the bait, they will usually drift slightly down current with the offering as they mouth it. Good anglers feel this "difference" in the drift and set the hook, but just as often, you see the strike as the fish grabs the bait and returns to the holding spot a few feet upstream. When this happens, they all but jerk the rod out of your hands. It's a fun, exciting way to fish that requires a rod that is sensitive, light weight and powerful. IMX allows us to create a rod with the perfect blend of line/lure control, power and sensitivity. Soft enough so the fish will hang on to the bait, sensitive enough to allow you to react before they drop it.

The release of the new 2014 G. Loomis IMX Rods offers anglers a whole new level of sensitivity and strength in rods that are up to 15% lighter than the original IMX series. With surprising power to weight ratios, the Side Drift series of steelhead rods is exactly what you need to effectively fish this unique technique. The G. Loomis IMX STSDR Series includes eight models - all rods are two-piece spinning rods. Specs can be found below.


Model Number Length Handle Style Pieces Line Rating Lure Rating Action Power
IMX 1043-2S STSDR 8'8" D 2 6-12 1/16-1/2 Fast Medium
IMX 1101-2S STSDR 9'2" D 2 4-8 1/16-3/8 Slow Light
IMX 1102-2S STSDR 9'2" D 2 6-10 1/4-1/2 Moderate Med-Light
IMX 1103-2S STSDR 9'2" D 2 6-12 3/8-3/4 Mod-Fast Medium
IMX 1161-2S STSDR 9'8" D 2 4-8 1/16-3/8 Slow Light
IMX 1162-2S STSDR 9'8" D 2 6-10 1/4-1/2 Moderate Med-Light
IMX 1163-2S STSDR 9'8" D 2 6-12 3/8-3/4 Mod-Fast Medium
IMX 1165-2S STSDR 9'8" D 2 8-17 3/8-1 Mod-Fast Med-Heavy


An exceptional light-duty steelhead drift rod, designed specifically for side-drifting from a boat. It's advantage angler with a more powerful butt-section for positive hooksets and landing those big searun 'bows, plus it has a nice soft tip so the fish will never know what hit him. It handles 6-pound test for clearer water conditions and you can go all the way up to 12-pound for winter fishing when there's more water and better color. It's very versatile! You can cast spinners, drift artificials or drag bait. Our proprietary IMX technology makes it super light and super sensitive!


When the water is really low and clear or you just need to downsize your line to get a bite, this is the spinning rod we recommend. It has a nice, soft tip to help make long, accurate casts, but even more importantly, it helps you see the strike as much as feel it. It's got enough power to help you make a positive hookset and still handle a good-sized fish. It's designed for side-drifting from a boat, giving you a long, natural drift, but it could be used for shore fishing on smaller streams, especially when you need to go down to 4- or 6-pound test.


Our best all-around side-drift spinning rod. You can go down to 6-pound test for summer-runs and up to 10-pound test for bigger fish and better water conditions. The sensitivity of IMX is legendary and it allows us reduce the overall rod weight so that it balances nicely even at the 9' 2" length. That little extra bit of length really improves line and lure control, plus it allows longer casts and moves more line for a more positive hookset. If you favor just having one rod for side-drifting and maybe some small stream drift fishing, this would be a good choice.


This is a spinning rod that could be used for a number of applications, but the main purpose is for side-drifting. It's a nice, light and very responsive rod that will handle slightly heavier line, up to 12-pound test, and more weight for higher water conditions. It is designed to fish winter-run steelhead and big river summer-runs, but will handle silvers, chums and sockeye. IMX technology allow us to make it very sensitive, extremely responsive and sneaky powerful. A great combination of features that will help you land more steelhead.


A marvellous rod for fishing really low and clear water, especially when it's paramount to your success to use light line just to get a bite. It has a dynamic, light tip to help make long, accurate casts, but even more importantly, to protect that whisper-thin mono. There's sufficient power to help you set the hook and battle a big fish. It will help you get bites when other anglers aren't fairing so well. IMX makes it light as a feather and very responsive, and at the same time, giving you superior sensitivity!


A really good choice for most side-drifting situations while still giving you the ability to fish lighter line when the need arises. IMX is legendary for its sensitivity and overall light weight, but it's surprisingly powerful. The extra length improves line and lure control, plus it extends your casting and fishing range so you can cover a lot more water. As far as light-duty side-drift rods go, this might be our best all around model!


A great feeling long-range spinning rod that is designed specifically for side-drifting. It's a nice, responsive rod with a slightly heavier line-rating (up to 12-pound test) for fishing year around, especially on the bigger western rivers. Even though it's designed to fish winter-run steelhead and big river summer-runs, it can handle all the smaller salmon species easily. IMX makes it about as sensitive as you can imagine and noticeably lighter... a plus in any angler's rod arsenal.


A powerful, responsive spinning rod with a heavier line-rating (up to 17-pound test) for fishing the bigger western rivers. A real powerhouse spinning rod designed specifically for heavy-duty side-drifting. It's a great choice for big winter steelhead and salmon. It fishes surprisingly light for such a powerful rod, making it a great option for fishing big spinners or spoons from shore - something very popular along the Great Lakes.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov