Little Creeper All American Sunfish

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  • Little Creeper All American Sunfish
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Quantity: 2pk

The All American Sunfish is a soft plastic swimbait designed to mimic bream and bluegill species that bass regularly feed upon. Little Creeper Baits first established themselves in the swimbait market with their original All American Trash Fish Swimbait; a bait that imitated a vast array of forage species due to its ambiguous appearance and seductive swimming action. Despite numerous attempts to replicate the Trash Fish, the high quality products produced by Little Creeper Baits remain the first choice of serious bass fishermen. Their newest offering, the All American Sunfish, seeks to build on the success of the Trash Fish in a smaller, bream style bait. After years of development, the Sunfish is finally available to the general public.The Sunfish Swimbait was designed to more accurately mimic the bluegill, crappie and other species of bream prevalent across the country. The long awaited release of this swimbait was due in large part to Little Creepers commitment to quality and insistence on getting the action just right. While there are many swimbaits that are designed to replicate bluegill, there are very few that can claim the anatomically accurate design and action displayed by the Sunfish. Anglers can fish this bait just about anywhere as it exhibits excellent resistance to weeds and snags. We've already received word that it is phenomenal around docks as the plastic body provides an excellent surface for skipping far under the dock into places bass have yet to see a lure. Another underground use is for bed fishing. When bass are spawning, they become particularly defensive against bluegill. When using the Sunfish for this applications we recommend a 1/4-3/8oz tungsten weight and a 5/0 flipping hook - rig the bait on its' side and hold on - eventually the bass will grow angry and strike the intruder. The Little Creeper All American Sunfish is 4.5" in length and comes two per pack in 6 great colors. The Sunfish is packaged with the same custom molded tail keepers as the Trash Fish; this seemingly small detail, is in fact, quite important. Whether you take the bait out and fish it immediately or store it for a while, the tail will keep its integrity and swim just as it should.

All American Sunfish Rigging

Little Creeper Baits suggests rigging the Sunfish with a 5/0 Trokar weighted swimbait hook. This hook possesses the ideal shape and size for the unique profile of the bait. To rig up the swimbait start by inserting the screw locking pin in the small pocket under the chin and continue to screw it in until completely covered. It's important to keep the screw eye flat, or horizontal, in order to keep the hook in proper position. Take the hook and insert the point into the bottom of the bait just in front of the bottom fin. Push the hook point up into the bait where it should rest in the hook pocket, all the while keeping it centered. At this point the bait should be ready fish. Due to the high volume of fish catches that are likely to occur, Little Creeper Baits suggests purchasing a bottle of Mend-It bait welding solution to aid in retaining the integrity of the bait.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to