Never Slip Bait Tape

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  • Never Slip Bait Tape
  • Colors (4): Black, Crystal, Green Watermelon & Rootbeer
  • Quantity: 5 strips per pack
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Never Slip Bait Tape is a specialty material designed to keep soft plastic baits in proper placement on the hook ultimately extending the life of soft plastics and affording the most optimal presentation. When stretched/elongated and wrapped upon itself, the tape will self-fuse and stay in place without any adhesive, glue etc.. The bond is achieved through very unique chemistry using a cross-linking technology that connects individual molecules to one another. Bonding occurs in millions of locations on a molecular level at the interface of the tape surfaces. It is the stretching/elongation that facilitates the molecular fusion process. Contact between two surfaces of the material when Never Slip Bait Tape is stretched to twice its original length produces maximum bond strength. Stop stretching for the final 1/4″ and press down firmly to secure. Contact between two surfaces of the material when wrapped under reduced stretching/elongation will have reduced fusion and bonding. We offer the Never Slip Bait Tape in four colors - each pack comes with 5 strips.

How to use Never Slip Bait Tape

Never Slip Bait Tape can be employed for a vast array of uses, however, there are a few specific applications which the Never Slip Bait Tape truly excels. One of the most prominent examples is the use of the tape when wacky rigging stick baits such as Senkos. When used with the Senko, anglers can wrap the tape around the center of the bait and slide their hook through the plastic under the tape and back out the other side - see the image here.

Never Slip Bait Tape Benefits

  • Retains positon on jig ensuring life-like presentation
  • Retains life-like presentation of soft bait after strikes and snags
  • Catch more fish due to maintaining life-like presentation
  • Customize and accent bait color – 10 colors available including clear
  • Customize bait contour of tube baits
  • Dramatically increases life of bait – substantial savings
  • Improved hook-ups into jaw due to hook orientation on wacky rigging
  • Reduced underwater snags due to hook being in-line with length of soft bait on wacky rigging
  • Reduced line twist during retrieve due to hook orientation on wacky rigging
  • Low profile without increase in soft bait density, softness or action
  • One-size fits all

Never Slip Bait Tape - Additional Information

How long does Never Slip Bait Tape last?

Unopened and kept in a cool dry place, Never Slip Bait Tape will easily last over a year. Once applied, Never Slip Bait Tape will perform for a days fishing under optimal conditions. Stretching to twice it's original length while applying to bait produces maximum bond strength. Proper application compresses the underlying soft bait resulting in the elimination of bait relocation during fishing. In some applications a tag end will be visible after wrapping or a short period of fishing. The tag end is a result of insufficient stretch/elongation during initial wrapping. Removal of the tag end is easily accomplished by clipping off or perforating/notching the side edge of the tag end and lightly pulling. In some applications the underlying soft bait continues to compress over time and reduces the stretch/elongation created during initial application. Reduced stretch/elongation results in a longer tag end. Removal of Never Slip Bait Tape with replacement of a new strip may be required. Never Slip Bait Tape is not recommended for longer term storage after application when underlying soft bait continues to compress under stretch/elongation. Never Slip Bait Tape is also highly resistant to ultra-violet rays as well as ocean salts.

How do I remove Never Slip Bait Tape?

You can remove Never Slip Bait Tape easily using scissors, line nippers or by perforating or notching the side of the strip followed by lightly pulling.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to