Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Weights - 3pk

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  • Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Weights
  • Sizes (5): 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2oz
  • Quantity: 3pk
  • Color: Black

Unlike other drop shot weights that provide only a drop shot clip, the Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot weights provide a secure connection for your line so you can cast long distances without the fear of losing the drop shot weight. If you are already tying a knot to the drop shot clips, Picasso's design makes it so much easier to tie a rounded swivel. The flush inserted swivel provides fewer hangups and less line twist as well. The Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Weights are comprised of 97% super hard Tungsten for the ultimate in feel and sensitivity and coated with Picasso's exclusive super tough Duraseal paint process. The black Duraseal paint keeps fish focused on your plastics instead of a shiny weight. Keeping the weight on the bottom is of the utmost importance as it allows the plastic to fall freely and be worked with twitches of the rod's tip.

Tungsten sinkers benefits the drop shot technique in many ways and aid in fishing it correctly. First and foremost the dense nature of tungsten transmits feeling through the line and to the angler helping them to detect what the bottom content feels like. Any time you've ever had that perfect cast, with a "spot within a spot" you know how important it is to get the bait in the prime area. Feeling the bottom composition with tungsten enables you to distinguish unproductive water from the good stuff simply by paying attention to the way the tungsten feels when it makes contact - rocks, hard bottom, shell beds - a little experience and you'll be able to pick up on these subtleties. What's more, that same dense nature is also the reason Tungsten is so much smaller than an evenly weighted lead sinker. Drop shotting is a finesse technique through and through so keeping the weight small helps to keep the stealthy approach going. Furthermore, when using sometimes tiny plastic worms, a larger sinker can take become the focal point and attract more attention than the bait itself. Instead, the Picasso Tungsten casting drop shot cylinder sinkers go undetected and subtly sit along the bottom. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of Tungsten over lead argument is the recent push to ban lead. While the jury is still out on the new legislation - it's a trend that is poised to continue. Using tungsten drop shot sinkers will free you from any possible illegalities in water ways prohibiting lead.

The Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Weights aren't simply all about the material, in fact the design and components are also of the utmost quality. The cylinder shape is one of the more popular among drop shot sinkers as it is considered much less likely to become snagged when compared to the ball style weights. Choosing between the different shapes is simply about your preferred use. We'd say the ball shape and tear drop styles are more popular for anglers who are trying to make very accurate casts with the drop shot sometimes even pitching it. Anglers tend to use these cylinder weights in areas with a lot of grass or timber in order to keep their presentation snag free. As mentioned the components of these sinkers are top notch; the open tie swivel extending from these cylinder sinkers is a great feature that aids in keeping your drop shot weight on. Clasps can be very quick and effective if they are in perfect condition, but a tied knot always provides more security to keep the weight attached. Another great aspect of the Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Sinkers is the black color. We're not so technical as to say it makes a huge difference, but who really knows. After all, we are trying to finesse the bass with a stealthy technique - why not have every advantage possible? The black color is virtually undetectable when sitting on the bottom.

Picasso uses a 97% tungsten formula to make their weights which are some of the higher percentage weights on the market today. The science behind the tungsten metal doesn't allow for a purely 100% tungsten for the creation of weights, therefore 97% is incredibly high especially when considering that many other companies use 95% and are therefore not as compact as Picasso weights.

We offer the Picasso Tungsten Casting Drop Shot Cylinder Weights in five sizes: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2oz in the single black color. Quantity: 3pk.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov