Strike King Rage Blade 3/8oz

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  • Strike King Rage Blade Swim Jig
  • Size: 3/8oz
  • Many colors

An entirely new style of vibrating jig, the Tour Grade Rage Blade Swim Jig features a jointed blade and head design that increases the action of the lure immensely. Strike King took to the drawing board, starting from scratch to develop a new lure rather than replicate or improve upon an existing concept. The result of their hard work is the Rage Blade. Instead of a standard jig with the addition of a blade, this swim jig is actually two separate pieces a weighted blade which is connected to the eye of a skirted hook. This unique design creates an incredible action that swims erratically along mirroring forage species that bass often feed upon. Furthermore, the lure increases hook up percentages and reduces the change of snagging. Strike King utilized their perfect skirt for the Rage Blade's decorative finishes and also incorporates a twin tail trailer to add even more life to the already realistic swimming action. The Rage Blade Swim Jig is built around a super sharp, ultra strong custom Gamakatsu hook that keeps bass pinned all the way back to the boat. The Strike King Tour Grade Rage Blade is available in the 3/8oz size in many excellent colors.

Fishing the Rage Blade

The great thing about vibrating jigs is they are effective year 'round with very situations that are not suitable for their application. The truth of the matter is, the vibrating style jigs are incredibly easy to fish with the most common, and perhaps most effective, technique being a simple, straight retrieve. It's funny how we as bass fishermen try to impart a ton of action on our presentations when many time, the bait and natural water movements create the most natural and appealing movements. The Rage Blade is one of those baits that needs very little angler-guided action. Simply put: "chuck and wind."

Retrieving the Rage Blade with a straight, steady retrieve is the best way to get started with the lure and also the quickest way to learn its natural tendencies and individual quirks. The pulsing through the rod is caused by the baits vibration and swimming action as it makes its way back to the boat. Should you feel that vibration stop, the result is a fish or a piece of grass. It is best to continue reeling a few turns to determine which of the two is responsible. If it does turn out to be grass, simply snap the rod's tip upward and begin reeling once again. Repeat until the vibration returns.

Rage Blade and Forage

Vibrating jigs are not limited to one type of forage imitation, in fact, with the multitude of colors offered by Strike King, the Rage Blade is capable of imitating just about anything bass feed upon. The action of the lure mirrors that of any natural swimming creature including crawfish, bluegill, shad and other types of trash fish commonly found in bodies of water across the world. Although the Rage Blade includes a stock dual appendage trailer, should you wish to enhance your presentation, it is best you choose a suitable trailer. If you want to create the appearance of shad, the best trailer is the one that comes on the bait. It looks a lot like the forked tail of many shad species including the popular threadfin variety. Bluegill on the menu? Look for a swimbait that has a little body to it. We like a small Keitech Swing Impact or the Lake Fork Live Magic Shad for example. Finally, if the bass are focused on crawfish then your best option is the Strike King Rage Chunk or Rage Craw which possess incredible action that matches that of the Rage Blade.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to