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Buzzbaits Buying Guide

Buzz baits are a popular type of fishing lure that are designed to create a commotion on the surface of the water, attracting fish to strike. When shopping for buzzbaits, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you select the right product for your fishing needs. Here's a buzz bait buying guide to help you make an informed purchase:

Blade Size

Buzzbaits come in different blade sizes, and each size creates a different amount of vibration and noise on the water's surface. Larger blades create more vibration and noise, while smaller blades produce a more subtle effect. Consider the type of fish you're targeting and the water conditions when selecting a blade size.

Blade Material

Buzz baits are available with blades made of different materials, such as plastic or metal. Metal blades are generally more durable and create more vibration, while plastic blades are lighter and more flexible, producing a more natural swimming motion.

Skirt Material

The skirt is the part of the buzz bait that adds bulk and imitates the movement of a fleeing baitfish. Skirts can be made of silicone, rubber, or other materials. Silicone skirts are more durable and provide a more realistic movement, while rubber skirts are more flexible and produce a more erratic motion.

Hook Size and Type

Buzzbaits come with different hook sizes and types. Larger hooks are better for bigger fish, while smaller hooks are more suitable for smaller fish. The hook type can also affect the performance of the bait, with straight-shank hooks providing better hook sets, and offset hooks offering better weedless capabilities.


The weight of a buzz bait affects its buoyancy and the depth at which it runs. Heavier buzzbaits sink more quickly and run deeper, while lighter buzzbaits float on the surface and create a more subtle commotion.


Buzz baits are available in a variety of colors, including natural shades like brown and green, as well as bright and flashy hues like chartreuse and orange. The color you choose should match the water and lighting conditions you'll be fishing in.


Finally, consider the brand when purchasing a buzz bait. Brands like Strike King, Booyah, and War Eagle are known for producing quality buzzbaits that are effective in a range of fishing situations.

By considering these factors, you can select the right buzzbait for your fishing needs and increase your chances of catching more fish.

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