The Gore-Tex Difference

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With the huge selection of waterproof jackets and bibs available on the market it can be challenging to find the one is that’s perfect for you. The materials used make all the difference in waterproofing, breathability, and flexibility.

Lightweight as they may be, cheaper waterproof shells are sealed with composites similar to an artificial wax which is non-breathable and can degrade over time reducing the water repellency factor of the material.

On the other end of the spectrum, heavy-duty PVC jacket material can be bulky and offers little flexibility but are extremely waterproof.

Gore-Tex fabric provides superb balance between a waterproof material and a breathable functional texture. Gore-Tex fabric uses billions of small pores (up to nine billion per square inch) that are much smaller than a droplet of water to keep water from penetrating into the jacket but allows for water vapor to pass through. This unique balance allows you to put your jacket through the harshest conditions and elements while maintaining a warm dry breathable interior. Check out some of the outerwear we carry, and which style is right for you.

Grundens Buoy X

Grundens Buoy XGrundens Buoy X

Sometimes anglers need something with a little more durability and warmth. Freezing and wet conditions can quickly ruin your day on the water if you come unprepared and this is where the brand-new line of Grundens Gore-Tex outerwear shines. Grundens have designed high-end Gore-Tex jackets and bibs in two different styles. The Buoy X is their top of the line 3-Layer Gore-Tex shell offering best-in-class warmth and durability. This series has been incredibly popular for ocean anglers who fish in colder conditions as it allows them to stay dry and warm through fog, rain, and wind.

Grundens Downrigger

The Downrigger series is a 2-Layer Gore-Tex shell. This series gives the angler more flexibility in their suit with a more lightweight design. Both the Buoy X and Downrigger are constructed of 150 Denier fabric keeping water and wind out while still allowing your body to breathe under all those layers. If you fish in colder weather or need raingear to handle rugged conditions, be sure to consider the Grundens line.

Simms Pro-Dry

Simms Pro Dry

Gore-Tex offers premium components for jackets and bibs but their functionality can vary greatly. Having a fully waterproof jacket in a lightweight design is a hard thing to find but the Simms Pro Dry jacket and bibs nailed it. Simms took the same great features found in their world-class waders and integrated them into their high-end raingear. Designed to withstand drenching rain all day long, this outerwear set is 25% lighter than previous models. These jackets and bibs are a popular choice among freshwater bass anglers and fly fishermen where flexibility and mobility are needed for walking and casting in all types of conditions.

Caring for your Gore-Tex

Proper care for your raingear can lead to longer life and better performance trip after trip. Click here for care instructions for your Gore-Tex.