Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT Spinning

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  • Monocoque (MQ) body
  • Air Bail
  • Air Rotor
  • Tough Digigear

The Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel is uses the state-of-the-art fishing reel technology designed to exceed the expectations of avid anglers. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative features, this reel delivers unmatched performance, durability, and smoothness.

The Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel showcases a sleek and compact design, thanks to its lightweight yet incredibly strong Zaion carbon construction. This advanced material not only provides exceptional strength and rigidity but also ensures optimal weight distribution, allowing for fatigue-free fishing even during extended casting sessions.

Equipped with the revolutionary Magsealed technology, this reel offers unrivaled protection against water and debris. The Magsealed system utilizes a magnetic oil barrier that seals the critical components, such as the main shaft and line roller, to prevent water intrusion and maintain long-lasting performance. This feature not only enhances the reel's durability but also ensures smooth and consistent operation in any fishing environment.

The Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel boasts an advanced drag system that provides exceptional control and power. The ATD (Advanced Tournament Drag) system delivers precise and smooth drag performance, allowing you to confidently handle hard-fighting fish. With its multiple drag washers and fine-tuned adjustability, this reel ensures a seamless and reliable drag experience.

Featuring Daiwa's cutting-edge LT Concept, this reel is built for improved performance and reduced weight. The LT (Light and Tough) design maximizes strength while minimizing bulk, resulting in a reel that is easy to handle and responsive to every angler's movements. The Air Rotor system further enhances the reel's sensitivity, balance, and rotational efficiency, providing effortless casts and retrieves.

The Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel incorporates a high-capacity aluminum spool that allows for generous line capacity, enabling you to tackle long casts and handle demanding fishing situations. The Long Cast ABS spool lip design minimizes friction and maximizes casting distance, ensuring accurate and long-range casts.

Designed with angler comfort in mind, this reel features an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip, allowing for extended hours of fishing without fatigue. The reel's smooth and precise operation is ensured by its 7+1 bearing system, consisting of corrosion-resistant ball bearings that deliver fluid and effortless retrieves.

Whether you're pursuing freshwater bass, inshore species, or targeting saltwater gamefish, the Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT Spinning Reel is the ultimate companion. Elevate your fishing experience and enjoy the seamless blend of performance, durability, and smoothness offered by this exceptional reel.


Monocoque (MQ)

The MQ Body takes reel design to the next level by eliminating the need for a body cover and instead using an engine plate to screw directly onto the body. This innovative system improves the strength and water-resistance of the reel while allowing for a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.

Air Bail

Daiwa's Air Bail design features a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that delivers maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. The smooth, protrusion-free design allows the construction line to slide unencumbered along the Air Bail towards the line roller, providing trouble-free line control.

Air Rotor

The Air Rotor system is lighter, stronger, and more balanced than any rotor system that has come before it. This revolutionary design delivers the ultimate reel sensitivity and rotational balance.

Tough Digigear

The Tough Digigear is a further evolution of its predecessor Digigear, featuring a brand new digitally designed, machine-cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.


Model Bearings Ratio Retrieve Weight Mono Cap Braid Cap Max Drag
BLSMQLT1000D 8(2CRBB+6BB) 1RB 5.1:1 25.4 6 4/250,6/160 6/320, 8/200 11
BLSMQLT2500D-XH 8(2CRBB+6BB) 1RB 6.2:1 34.5 6.9 8/240, 10/210 10/250, 15/185 22
BLSMQLT3000D 8(2CRBB+6BB) 1RB 5.2:1 30.6 7.6 10/280, 12/220 15/250, 20/220 22
BLSMQLT4000D-C 8(2CRBB+6BB) 1RB 5.2:1 32.5 8.1 14/250, 20/160 20/280, 30/200 26

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov