Daiwa Saltiga Casting Jigging Rods

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  • HVF Nanoplus Construction
  • X45 Blanks
  • Fuji Tangle Free Guides
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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The Daiwa Saltiga Casting Jigging Rods are the pinnacle of fishing rod engineering designed specifically for the demanding challenges of jigging enthusiasts. These rods embody the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and versatility, making them the ultimate weapon for targeting powerful saltwater species.

Crafted with precision and expertise, the Saltiga Jigging Rods feature a high-performance blank constructed from Daiwa's advanced Glatech technology. This innovative combination of carbon materials ensures exceptional strength, durability, and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest nibbles and react swiftly to aggressive strikes.

Designed to handle heavy loads and withstand the rigors of intense jigging, these rods feature a powerful backbone that delivers unmatched lifting power and control. The parabolic action of the blank allows for effortless casting and optimal line control, providing you with the ability to manipulate your jig with precision and finesse.

The Saltiga Jigging Rods are equipped with high-quality Fuji Alconite guides, known for their excellent heat dissipation and exceptional durability. These guides minimize friction and maximize casting distance, while ensuring that your line remains tangle-free and protected from wear and tear.

The ergonomic and comfortable EVA foam grip provides a secure and firm hold, allowing for extended fishing sessions without discomfort or fatigue. The lightweight and well-balanced design of the rod reduces arm strain, enabling you to stay focused and in control during intense battles with trophy fish.

Built to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, these rods feature a corrosion-resistant reel seat that ensures a secure connection between the rod and reel. This ensures optimal power transfer and eliminates any potential wobbling or loose fittings, providing you with the confidence to handle even the most aggressive fish.

The Saltiga Jigging Rods are available in a range of models, each tailored to specific jigging techniques and target species. Whether you're vertical jigging, high-speed jigging, or working slow-pitch jigs, there is a Saltiga rod that will meet your exacting requirements.

Elevate your jigging game with the Daiwa Saltiga Jigging Rods and experience the power, precision, and performance that serious anglers demand. Dominate the saltwater realm with confidence, knowing that you have the ultimate tool in your hands. Daiwa continues to push the boundaries of fishing technology, and the Saltiga Jigging Rods exemplify their commitment to excellence.



Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.


Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 features a Bias Wrap Construction, left/right 45 degree carbon weave within the blank. X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod.


Model Power Action Length Pcs Line Wt Lure Wt # Guides
SLTGJ66MB M R 6'6" 1 30-65 BRAID 1 3/4 - 7 9
SLTGJ66MHB MH R 6'6" 1 50-100 BRAID 2 5/8 - 8 1/8 9
SLTGJ70MB M R 7' 1 30-65 BRAID 1 3/4 - 7 10

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov