Jackall iProp

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  • Jackall I Prop
  • Length: 3"
  • Weight: 1/4oz
  • Slow Sink

Designed for the increasingly popular spybaiting technique, the Jackall I Prop features a subtle, finesse action that coaxes pressured bass into biting. The I Prop is a hard bait that utilizes dual small, bright props to produce the slightest flash and water movement in order to mimic small species of baitfish. Like most spy baits, the concept relies upon the dual props to propel the bait through the water while the body of the lure itself has no action. Jackall was one of the pioneers in the spy baiting technique with their introduction of the I-Motion principle some years ago. With the recent popularity of spybaiting, they introduced the I-Prop 75S.

The Jackall I-Prop 75S was created to fish multiple levels of water, from just below the surface to targeting bass in the middle range. The horizontal position of the lure gives it a realistic appearance while the perfectly placed props keep the lure stable under water. Two props give out vibrations in the water mimicking the same vibrations bait fish make when swimming unthreatened. Specially designed props also give out the perfect resistance when retrieved to keep the lure in the hit zone longer. Continuously innovating, Jackall's design of the rear hook eye virtually eliminates tangles with the hooks and prop allowing you to cast out and fish worry free. The new inner-scale design also gives of a different flash attracting bass from a distance. Jackall's new I-Prop 75S is the ultimate finesse bait that will sure get you bass when the conditions are tough!

What's really neat about Jackall's take on the spy bait is the action the iProp displays upon the fall. As the bait sinks it is engineered to remain upright, however, it will shimmy back and forth much like a dying or unhealthy shad - an easy meal for any nearby predator. Once anglers begin their retrieve its all about the props and their fish calling ability. While spybaiting certainly goes against much of our American style lures filled with rattles and big tail kicks, it has been incredibly effective all over the country. Spotted bass are especially keen to the lures vibrations and reports of excellent success with the spy bait lures are encouraging more and more anglers to give it a shot.

The Jackall I Prop measures 3" in length, weighs 1/4oz and comes with two #8 treble hooks.

Jackall i Prop Features:

  • Prop setting is perfect to keep the lure horizontal
  • Rear hook positioned so it does not interfere with the prop
  • Prop gives moderate resistance to keep it in the strike zone longer

How to Fish Jackall I Prop

First and foremost, the most important thing to start with is light tackle. An ultra-light spinning rod up to a 2 power at most if you really plan to fish this lure effectively. From there it's time to have a heart attack - the technique is best fished with 4lb fluorocarbon. Yes, the stuff you hear western anglers say they use, but you aren't familiar with - that stuff! A good 4lb fluorocarbon such as the Seaguar Tatsu will go a long way in improving your spybaiting. The key to the light line is that it allows the blades to naturally propel the bait once it gets going and it helps keep it from rising up to the surface. Furthermore, as a finesse technique in ultra-clear water the lighter line will be more suitable for the conditions.

The use of the lure itself is pretty straight forward, in fact, the biggest challenge you are bound to face is wanting to do more to it. DON'T. Cast it out, by the way, the spy baits cast a mile, and let it fall to the depth you believe fish are feeding or suspending at. Once it reaches your desired depth you want to point your rod tip at the lure and reel extremely slowly, all the while picturing how the bait is traveling through the water. The best advice on how slow to reel it is imagine you are simply reeling in the slack. It will take a bit of practice and whole lot of patience, but a few catches will signal a correct presentation.

It is worth noting that the spy baits perform much better in clear water as the technique is designed to appeal to bass's vision and lateral line movement detection - but it doesn't overwhelm. Another consideration, make sure you have your drag set fairly loose as the lures usually have tiny treble hooks and you're usually really light line. Just let the fish inhale it and fight it with the same patience used to fish the bait.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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