Little Creeper Trash Fish Swimbaits 6"

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  • Little Creeper Trash Fish Swimbait
  • Size: 5 3/8" Long
  • Quantity: 2 per pack
  • Great action and movement at all speeds
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The Trash Fish Swimbait, from Little Creeper Baits, was hand sculpted using the body style of a Hitch as the model. However this body style is offers an ambiguous appearance which enables it to mimic just about every trash fish in North America. This body style is shared by juvenile: Hitch, Shiners, Suckers, Squawfish, Alewives, Perch, Carp, Smelt, and probably many others. Anglers all over the country have found success with this bait from Clear Lake, CA where big bass feed upon hitch to Lake Norman, SC where the big spots can be drawn out from under the docks with a well placed skip. Even smallmouth bass have proven interested in this swimbait as far north as Lake Champlain, NY where the bigger smallies feed on the abundant Perch. The baits incredible action, ambiguous appearance and its slim profile enable it to be fished in a wide variety of ways and appeal to all types of bass.

The Trash Fish was made to be more than just another pretty minnow. The action was the most important consideration made by Little Creeper, and I think you will agree with those who have had a chance to throw it, that the action is the best part about this swimbait. The Trash Fish is made with two different densities of plastic. This gives the bait a unique action and also makes it tougher and more durable than most swimbaits. The hook pocket in the top of the bait holds the hook at the bend, not the point, leaving the hook-point loose and exposed in the pocket for superior hook-sets. The Trash Fish has many actions, and can be fished super slow on the bottom or waked across the surface equally as well. We have found that if jerked correctly the bait will turn to the side or can be made to turn all the way around. If given line after jerking, the bait will slowly swim off in the direction it turned. We have been flipping the bait in heavy cover like a jig. When flipped the bait swims horizontally through the cover, and can be redirected with a small twitch of the rod allowing the bait to swim around in the tree or other cover.

The action can be easily tuned to swim left or right by simply hooking the point lightly in one side of the hook pocket. This causes the bait to swim the opposite direction, or it will dart off in that direction when jerked. This is perfect for fishing docks, or any cover you wish to actually have the bait swim into. Removing the top portion of the tail also causes the tail to thump a bit more with a little wider action. If you remove the front fins the bait will sink more quickly allowing the tail to kick more when falling. We look forward to hearing what you are able to get the Trash Fish to do, and will post more tips when we discover them.

Trash Fish Rigging

We have found the Trash Fish to work best on weighted 6/0 Gamakatsu EWG Monster hook (some like a 7/0). When using a swimbait hook with a screw eye you will want to step up to an 8/0 hook. Some have been using the bait simply texas rigged with bullet weight on a 6/0 extra wide gap hook for fishing heavy cover. Another option is an 6/0 Owner Beast Weighted Swimbait Hook - when using this hook the spring lock should be screwed into the bait under the mouth section. You'll notice an indent under the mouth, that was actually designed to show users where to insert the screw lock.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to