Penn Carnage III Boat Conventional West Coast

$219.95 - $299.95
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  • SLS3 Blank Construction​
  • Fuji® HB-Series guides with SiC inserts
  • Sea-Guide® Aluminum HBS Reel Seat
  • Slip Resistant, Durable Hypalon Handles
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The PENN Carnage III rods stand out as a class of their own, representing a new era of high-performance rod construction. These rods feature robust, lightweight blanks that are highly durable, and are perfect for boat, jig, surf, and nearshore fishing. The proprietary SLS3 blank construction ensures a thin diameter, without compromising on the lightweight feel, making it ideal for heavy-duty use. With high-end components such as Fuji® HB Guides, Sea-Guide®, and Fuji® reel seats, along with Hypalon/Rubber Shrink tube handles, this rod is sure to become every angler's go-to workhorse.


  • SLS3 Blank Construction​
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with SiC inserts (select models)​
  • Fuji® HB-Series guides with SiC inserts
  • Fuji® DPS Reel Seat (select models)​
  • Sea-Guide® Aluminum HBS Reel Seat
  • Custom Full Rubberized Shrink Wrapped Handles (select models)​
  • Slip Resistant, Durable Hypalon Handles ​
  • Rubber Gimbal (select models)


Model Rod Type Length Power Action Line Wt Pcs Lure Wt Weight
CARWCIII1025C80 Casting 8' Light Moderate Fast 10-25lb 1 1-3 18 oz
CARWCIII1540C80 Casting 8' Medium Light Moderate Fast 15-40lb 1 1-4 18.9 oz
CARWCIII2550C80 Casting 8' Medium Moderate Fast 25-50lb 1 1 1/2-5 20.1 oz
CARWCIII3060C76 Casting 7'6" Medium Heavy Moderate 30-60lb 1 2-6 23.7 oz
CARWCII13060C80 Casting 8' Medium Heavy Moderate 30-60lb 1 2-8 21.2 oz
CARWCIII3080C66 Casting 6'6" Heavy Moderate 30-80lb 1 3-12 24.2 oz
CARWCIII4080C80 Casting 8' Medium Heavy Moderate 40-80lb 1 3-10 25.9 oz
CARWCIII40100C78 Casting 7'8" Heavy Moderate 40-100lb 1 3-8 28 oz
CARWCIII60100C70 Casting 7' Heavy Moderate 60-100lb 1 8-16 30.3 oz
CARWCIII80130C70 Casting 7' X-Heavy Moderate 80-130lb 1 8-16 30.2 oz
CARWCIII80150C70 Casting 7' XX-Heavy Moderate 80-150lb 1 8-24 31.4 oz
CARWCIII2040S70 Spinning 7' Medium Light Moderate 20-40lb 1 N/A 14.5 oz
CARWCIII3050S70 Spinning 7' Medium Moderate 30-50lb 1 N/A 14.6 oz
CARWCIII4080S70 Spinning 7' Medium Heavy Moderate 40-80lb 1 N/A 17.3 oz
CARWCIII50100S802 Spinning 8' Heavy Moderate Fast 50-100lb 1 N/A 19.5 oz
CARJGIII50130C62 Jigging/Casting 6'2" Medium Heavy Moderate Fast 50-130lb 1 5-8 13.9 oz

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to