Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig UV

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  • Pitbull Tackle UV Bora Jig
  • Sizes (5): 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz
  • Hooks: Double Assist Hook (Free-Swinging)
  • UV and Glow in the Dark Enhanced
- A Compact Lure for all Types of Bottom-Dwelling Fish -

One of the original Pitbull Tackle designs, the Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig offers an enticing lure in a compact profile. This lure instantly proved itself to be one of the most effective lures Pitbull Tackle has to offer. The design of the Bora allows for a streamlined profile which allows the bait to fall and dart through the water quickly. This can prove extremely convenient when fishing in deeper water where bulkier lures fall significantly slower. The profile of the bait is such that it appears to be a large and enticing meal for a hungry fish yet the hoochie and assist hooks allow the bait to collapse and move around which results in a higher hookup ratio.

The Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is constructed with a UV-enhanced lead head which offers the ultimate flash and visibility underwater. To learn more about UV-Enhancement click here. Simple as it may seem, the design of the head was carefully thought out as to be perfectly compact and hydrodynamic to make it an easy-fishing bait for any angler. The business end of the jig is a small UV-enhanced hoochie complimented by two super strong black-nickle assist hooks. The small hoochie is the real key of this bait as it offers a small, easy baitfish profile to hungry fish in places where a lure this small is typically not seen. A small Glow-in-the-Dark bead is used inside the nose of the hoochie to both keep the plastic in place as well as offer an additional attractant to nearby fish. The dual assist hooks, widely popular among anglers when fishing dense structure such as shipwrecks and reefs, are connected to the hoochie and offer improved performance when trying to avoid snags. Overall the Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is a deadly-effective lure in a compact package offering any angler a new and exciting way to catch more fish.

How To Fish

Hover Jig: The Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is an effective lure which can be fished easily at depth due to its streamlined profile but also has a presentation which attracts fish of all sizes. The small hoochie profile offers unmatched realism and action in a small but heavy package and is surprisingly easy to fish. Begin by free-spooling your reel and allowing the jig to fall all the way to the bottom; your line should stop coming out of your spool and the line should be slack. Once the Bora is on the bottom, reel up a few feet; this should only be one to three cranks of the handle. Now the jig is "hovering" just barely off the bottom. Depending on the speed of the drift, a slight jigging action can be used to further bring action to the lure. As the boat drifts along, the jig will be fluttering right above the bottom, right in the strike zone of hungry predators. Pounding the bottom with heavy lead is a quick way to snag lures as well as cause premature paint chipping, especially on heavier baits.

**Remember - Almost every body of water is full of current and water movement. Many anglers feel the need to constantly be moving and adjusting the positioning of their jig and oftentimes their jigging action can be far too aggressive. Slowing down and allowing the jig to work for you can result in less fatigue and oftentimes a more productive day. When underwater, the hoochie will be swinging side to side and the tentacles will be fanned out and pulsating with every movement.

Hybrid Bottomfish Rig: This method is highly popular among bottomfish anglers up and down the coast. Traditionally, 2-hook shrimp fly rigs with heavy lead weights were the go-to lure for rockfish and ling cod, but anglers sought more out of their gear. Many anglers who were frustrated with catching smaller rockfish species began fishing with swimbaits or larger metal jigs, but oftentimes these lures target only large predators such as ling cod and are far less effective on rockfish. The concept of combining the two rigs then began to take shape. Anglers in California who are restricted to a "two hook limit" on their gear began removing their bottom shrimp fly from their rigs and opted to swap out their heavy lead weights with equally heavy bottomfish jigs. This creates a rig which combines the best of both worlds; a jig on the bottom targets the larger predators such as ling cod while a teaser shrimp fly above targets the more abundant rockfish species. The Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is easily fished underneath a shrimp fly and offers even more fish-catching action to your presentation.


We offer the Pitbull Tackle Bora jig in five sizes: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz. All come one per pack.

Bora Jig Dimensions:
4oz: 2.75" Body Length / 3.25" Hoochie
6oz: 3.25" Body Length / 3.25" Hoochie
8oz: 3.5" Body Length / 3.25" Hoochie
12oz: 4" Body Length / 5" Hoochie
16oz: 4.5" Boby Length / 5" Hoochie

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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