Pitbull Tackle Castable Crab Snare 6oz

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California legal crab snares that have 6 loops and main line cord for attaching your fishing line.   The trap is preweighted with a flat black 6oz weight. 

The Pitbull Tackle Castable Crab Snare allows you to catch crabs where you weren't able to before, places such as jetties, rock walls, the surf, and breakwaters. It is recommended that you use heavy tackle when slinging these snares; 10'-12' surf rods are ideal with 20lb to 40lb monofilament or even 50lb to 80lb braided line. This is because crabs don't swim and when they are lassoed by a crab snare, you have to drag them along the bottom and their claws digging into the mud or sand causes a tremendous amount of drag.