Pitbull Tackle Castable Crab Snare 6oz

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The Pitbull Tackle Castabable Crab Snare is a specialized piece of fishing equipment that is very effective at catching many species of crab with a rod and reel. The loops around the snare act like a noose which snags crab legs when they try to get bait out of the cage. Each snare weighs six ounces, which gives you plenty of weight to make long casts. An additional snap is attached to the backside of the snare so you can easily add weight if needed. The weight on the bottom of the snare is also removable if less weight is desired. Simply add bait inside the cage, attach your fishing line to the black coated loop on the front of the snare, cast out, and reel in your catch.

The Pitbull Tackle Castable Crab Snare allows you to catch crabs where you weren't able to before, places such as jetties, rock walls, the surf, and breakwaters.