Shimano Teramar XX West Coast Casting Rod

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  • Hi-Power X Construction
  • Spiral X Construction
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The Teramar XX West Coast (WC) series of rods is expertly designed to cater to the needs of West Coast anglers. These rods offer enhanced casting distance for heavy jigs and superior lifting power, enabling you to conquer the mightiest game fish with ease.

The Teramar XX WC rods feature Shimano's cutting-edge technologies, including the patented Spiral X and Hi-Power X, strategically integrated into the blanks. This innovative construction reduces blank twist and optimizes energy transfer during casting and while battling fish. The result is an unprecedented combination of exceptional casting distance, impressive lifting power, and heightened sensitivity, empowering you to achieve remarkable performance on the water.

To cater to angler preferences, the Teramar XX WC rods are available in both deckhand configuration and standard configuration models with a Fuji Reel Seat. This versatility ensures that every angler can find the perfect fit for their fishing style.

Built to be the ultimate West Coast rod for heavy jigs or bait, the Teramar XX WC is ready to tackle the demands of long casts and grueling fights. Its durable construction and advanced technologies make it a reliable companion on any fishing expedition, providing the strength and performance needed to handle the challenges of West Coast angling.

Experience the difference with the Teramar XX WC rods and unlock new levels of casting distance, lifting power, and sensitivity. Elevate your fishing game and conquer the West Coast waters like never before.


Hi-Power X Construction

Hi-Power X construction uses diagonally-wrapped carbon tape to form an array of "X" shapes on the rod blank's outermost layer. The width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped are fine-tuned according to the target fish species. This manufacturing process allows Shimano to adjust these wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance. In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control for the angler.

Spiral X Construction

Through its exclusive lightweight structure, Shimano's patented Spiral X construction enhances catching power for anglers. Spiral X construction consists of three layers: a middle layer of vertical fibers as well as inner and outer layers, both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions. By using this carbon tape in place of a conventional horizontal fiber sheet, Spiral X achieves enhanced compression rigidity and increased torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. This in turn facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting and fish fighting.


Model Reargrip Length Action Butt Assembly Length Foregrip Length Braid Line Power
TXWC80M 13 Moderate Fast Rubber 8'0" 11 Max 30# Medium
TXWC80MH 13 Moderate Fast Rubber 8'0" 11 Max 40# Medium Heavy
TXWC80H 13 Moderate Fast Rubber 8'0" 11 Max 50# Heavy

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to