TFO Drift Fly Fishing Rod

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  • Adjustable rod length
  • Incredibly lightweight and responsive rod blank
  • Ultra-sensitive tip

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The TFO Drift Fly Rod is a groundbreaking fly rod designed to revolutionize your angling experience. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge materials and innovative features, this rod sets new standards in weight, balance, and versatility.

The Drift Rod is constructed using a combination of the highest modulus carbon fiber, resulting in an incredibly lightweight and responsive rod blank. Its fast damping action provides the perfect balance between sensitivity and power, allowing you to detect the most subtle strikes while maintaining control over your catch.

With a soft tipped action, this rod offers unparalleled sensitivity, enabling you to differentiate between a delicate take and a bottom tick. It excels in drift fishing scenarios, where light tippets and finesse are crucial for fooling selective trout. The rod's ultra-sensitive tip ensures you can sustain a delicate drift while remaining invisible to wary fish.

Versatility is at the core of the Drift Rod's design. It can be used as a traditional 9' 4-piece 3-weight rod, but it doesn't stop there. By adding a 1' section, you can extend it to a 10' rod, or attach a 27-inch section to transform it into an 11' 3" rod. For maximum versatility, both conversion sections can be added to create a 12' 3" rod. This adaptability allows you to fish various techniques, from traditional 3-weight lines to tight line nymphing methods like French, Czech, and Polish styles, with exceptional accuracy and ease.

We've included a 3-inch lower cork grip that replaces the weighted fighting butt, making it ideal for micro spey lines and techniques. You can choose the optimal length for your environment and application, ensuring you're prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

The Drift Rod's innovative stripping guides allow for quick section changes without the need to un-string your line, leader, and flies. This patented guide, hailed by Lefty as one of the greatest innovations in the last 50 years, enables you to adjust rod length on the stream within seconds. With a reel and a couple of spare spools carrying a WF 3 line, a nymphing setup, and a micro spey line, you'll be equipped to conquer any fishing situation.

We believe the TFO Drift Rod is the epitome of innovation and versatility in fly rod design. Thanks to the expertise of design coordinator Jason Randall, it excels in all trout fishing environments, offering superb presentation to even the most selective of trout. Bridging the gap between traditional Tenkara and fly rods with reels, this rod is poised to redefine your fly fishing adventures.


Model Length Action Handle Line Weight Pieces Weight
TF 03 90 6 D 9'0"/10'0"/11'3"/12'3" Mod-Fast A 3 4,5,6 3.4-5.6 oz