Okuma Makaira SEa Silver Lever Drag Reel

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  • Dual Force Drag System
  • Helical Cut Gears
  • T-Bar Handle
  • Anti-Reverse System
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The Okuma Makaira SEa Silver Lever Drag Reel is a cutting-edge big game fishing reel designed to conquer the open seas. Built by Okuma, a trusted name in fishing tackle, this reel represents the pinnacle of performance, strength, and precision for anglers targeting the most formidable offshore species.


  • Open spool bearings with TSI-301 oil. Increases freespool 2-1/2 times.
  • MK80WIISEa and MK-130IISEa feature grease-packed spool bearings
  • All non-spool bearings feature full grease pack for maximum longevity.
  • Features Special Edition Gun Smoke and Black anodizing.
  • SE reels feature a yellowfin tuna etched into the sideplate.
  • Frames have been machined out for increased clearance between spool and cross bars.
  • MK-10 feature MK-20 size handle knobs.
  • MK-20/30 feature the MK-50 handle arm and knobs
  • Lower speed 1.3:1 gear ratio featured in 20/30 sizes.
  • Lower speed 1.0:1 gear ratio featured in 50 size.
  • Type-II gunmetal anodized frame, side plates, spool, drag lever and handle

Ultimate Strength

The Okuma Makaira SEa Silver is engineered with a robust one-piece machined aluminum frame and sideplate construction. This construction not only ensures maximum strength and durability but also eliminates flex under heavy loads, allowing you to tackle the largest and most powerful gamefish with confidence.

Dual Force Drag System

Equipped with the patented Dual Force Drag system, this reel delivers immense stopping power and smooth drag performance. With its carbonite and Cal's drag materials, the Makaira SEa Silver provides an exceptionally strong and consistent drag to handle the most aggressive runs and long battles.

Helical Cut Gears

The Makaira SEa Silver features precision-cut helical gears made from marine-grade stainless steel. These gears offer outstanding gear meshing, exceptional power transmission, and ultimate gear durability, ensuring consistent and reliable performance during extended fights.

T-Bar Handle

Designed for comfort and control, the Makaira SEa Silver comes with a T-bar handle knob made from machined aluminum. This ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during prolonged angling sessions.

Anti-Reverse System

The reel incorporates a precision-designed anti-reverse system, providing instant hooksets and preventing any handle play for a solid connection to your trophy catch.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

The Makaira SEa Silver is coated with a special corrosion-resistant finish, making it ideal for saltwater conditions. This coating enhances the reel's longevity and ensures it remains a reliable companion for years of offshore fishing.

Strike Zone Line Indicator

Featuring a strike zone line indicator, this reel enables you to gauge the depth of your line and determine the optimal setting to target specific depths or lure placements.

Experience the pinnacle of offshore fishing with the Okuma Makaira SEa Silver. With its exceptional strength, precise engineering, and innovative features, this reel delivers a top-tier performance that matches the passion and skill of serious anglers. Upgrade your big game fishing gear with the Okuma Makaira SEa Silver and embark on unforgettable fishing adventures on the high seas.


Model Bearings Braid Cap Ratio Line Cap Retrieve Max Drag Max Drag Weight
MK-16IISEA 4BB + 1TB 600-YDS OF 100- LBS 4.3:1 & 1.3:1 870/20 (0.42), 650/25 (0.48), 500/30 (0.55) 39.2" & 11.8" 34-LBS 48-LBS 40
MK-20IISEA 4BB + 1TB 700-YDS OF 100- LBS 3.8:1 & 1.7:1 870/25 (0.48), 660/30 (0.55), 530/40 (0.60) 39.4" & 17.5" 37-LBS 55-LBS 45.8
MK-50IISEA 4BB + 1TB 600-YDS OF 130- LBS (HC) 3.2:1 & 1.0:1 1000/30 (0.55), 650/50 (0.70), 400/80 (0.90) 37.8" & 11.9" 60-LBS 85-LBS 61.4

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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