Pitbull Tackle Twin Tail

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  • Durable plastic body
  • Hook-guide channel through the center body
  • UV-enhanced
  • Qty: 5.5" - 4 per pack, 8.5" - 2 per pack
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A go-to choice for anglers targeting bottomfish and voracious predators, the Pitbull Tackle UV Twin Tail is a scampi-style twin tail swimbait meticulously designed to lure in whatever lurking predator fish dwells in the depths. With its dual tails, this bait exhibits an incredible lifelike action, while the robust plastic body ensures it remains intact after encounter after encounter with fish. These twin tails are versatile, serving as both replacements for the Pitbull Tackle Killer Jigs' tails and as standalone swimbaits.

What sets these Twin Tails apart is their thoughtful design. They've been expertly poured with a central hook-guide channel and a top exit hole, making it effortless for any angler to rig the swimbait perfectly straight every time. This not only guarantees a clean and consistent presentation but also ensures that the bait remains correctly rigged for longer periods compared to traditional swimbaits.

All Pitbull Tackle Swimbaits feature UV-enhanced finishes, enhancing their visibility and attraction in the water. This combination of durability, UV enhancement, and user-friendly rigging options represents a significant leap for anglers, providing them with the tools they need for a more successful and productive day on the water. Cast with confidence and entice those elusive predators with the Pitbull Tackle UV Twin Tail – your ticket to a more fruitful fishing expedition.

How To Fish:

Rigging the UV Twin Tail Swimbait:

  • Begin by threading the hook point through the hollow channel entrance hole in the front of the bait
  • The hook point will slide through the channel until it reaches the back. At this point, slide the hook point through the exit hole on top of the swimbait
  • With light pressure, continue to thread the swimbait onto the jig head by pushing the front of the swimbait to the flat surface on the backside of the jighead
  • The swimbait should sit flush on the jighead. This process can be repeated with all Pitbull Tackle Swimbaits

Fishing the UV Twin Tail Swimbaits:

The Pitbull Tackle UV Twin Tail Swimbaits are very simple to fish. Simply rig the swimbait on an appropriately sized jighead using the hook-channel rigging system and you are ready to fish. Freespool the swimbait to the bottom, keeping slight pressure on the reel spool as to not backlash on the way down. Once on bottom, raise and lower the rod tip to jig the swimbait. The combination of the twin tails kicking and the thud of the jighead hitting the bottom entices fish from all over. This works well on slow drifts, when it is easier to keep the line vertical which prevents snagging on the bottom. If the drift is faster, doing short casts up towards the direction of the drift can help offset the movement of the boat and will help the bait be fished effectively for a little longer. Letting the line get too much of an angle and pendulum away from the boat typically results in a higher chance of hanging up on the bottom or tangling with other anglers' lines. Keeping your line as straight up and down as possible is your best bet for effectively fishing swimbaits of this category. Adjusting jighead size is also a major factor in maintaining vertical line while drifting. Using a heavier jighead during a faster drift will help you to feel the bottom better and allow the line to stay vertical longer.

**Remember - Almost every body of water is full of current and water movement. Many anglers feel the need to constantly be moving and adjusting the positioning of their swimbait and oftentimes their jigging action can be far too aggressive. Slowing down and allowing the twin tails to work for you can result in less fatigue and oftentimes a more productive day. When underwater, the twin tails will be pulsating with every slight movement and the UV-enhancement will bring in fish from all around the area.

Oftentimes fish will bite as the twin tail is falling back to the bottom, so make sure to remain aware of the rod tip and the feel of the lure while in the strike zone. Using braid or braid to a leader is recommended as this will increase sensitivity through the rod and allow you to feel the subtle bites, especially when fishing in deeper water.


We offer the Pitbull Tackle Twin Tail in a variety of sizes:

  • 5.5" (4pk) - Replacement Tail for 2oz and 4oz Killer Jigs
  • 8.5" (2pk) - Replacement Tail for 6oz Killer Jigs


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov