Shimano Stradic FL

$179.99 - $239.99
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  • Aero Wrap II
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Hagane Body

The Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel is the pinnacle of Shimano's spinning reel technology and innovation. Meticulously engineered to meet the demands of avid anglers, the Stradic FL combines premium features, exceptional performance, and unmatched durability.

The Stradic FL boasts a sleek and lightweight design, featuring a HAGANE body that provides superior rigidity and durability without adding unnecessary weight. This solid construction ensures optimal power transfer and minimizes flex, resulting in a reel that can withstand the toughest fishing conditions.

Equipped with Shimano's MicroModule Gear II, the Stradic FL delivers an incredibly smooth and precise operation. The redesigned gear teeth and enhanced gear meshing provide seamless rotation, reducing noise and vibration while maximizing power and efficiency. This translates to a silky-smooth retrieve and improved sensitivity for detecting even the faintest of bites.

The Stradic FL features Shimano's X-Protect technology, providing the reel with excellent water resistance and increased durability. This advanced feature ensures that the reel remains functional and reliable, even when exposed to harsh conditions such as saltwater spray or heavy rain. With the Stradic FL, you can confidently take on any fishing environment with peace of mind.

With its Long Stroke Spool design, the Stradic FL offers improved casting distance and line management. This innovative spool design also promotes smoother line lay, minimizing the risk of tangles and allowing for effortless retrieves. Whether you're making long casts or finesse presentations, the Stradic FL delivers exceptional performance.

The Stradic FL features a refined and reliable drag system, providing smooth and consistent drag pressure. With its precise adjustments, you can confidently battle hard-fighting fish, knowing that your drag will deliver the necessary control. The drag system is designed to maintain its performance even under prolonged heavy use, ensuring that it won't let you down when it matters most.

Whether you're targeting freshwater species or venturing into saltwater environments, the Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel is the ultimate companion for discerning anglers. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, smooth operation, and unrivaled durability sets it apart from the competition. Elevate your fishing experience with the Shimano Stradic FL and enjoy the precision and performance that only Shimano can provide.

Model Mono Line Cap Wt Bearings Ratio Ret/Crank PowerPro Braid Max Drag
STRADIC 1000FL HG 2/270, 4/160, 6/110 6.5 6+1 6.0:1 30 10/95, 15/75, 20/65 7
STRADIC 2500FL HG 6/200, 8/140, 10/120 7.9 6+1 6.0:1 35 10/150, 15/145, 30/100 20
STRADIC 4000FL XG 8/240, 10/200, 12/160 9.9 6+1 6.2:1 40 15/230, 30/180, 50/120 24
STRADIC C3000FL XG 6/230, 8/170, 10/140 7.9 6+1 6.4:1 37 10/200, 20/140, 40/105 20
STRADIC 5000FL XG 10/240, 12/195, 14/165 10.4 6+1 6.2:1 40 20/260, 30/235, 40/185 24

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DHEP) and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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